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At Maxiom Technology , we bring the right mix of exceptional technical knowledge, digital marketing expertise, engineering skills, and strong project leadership to deliver great results. Our software development teams are made up of talented and experienced professionals with backgrounds in both product development and professional services. Few organizations can offer the breadth of technology know-how that Maxiom Technology does, even fewer can actually follow through.

Application Development

Most out-of-the-box enterprise software are designed to perform functions within a myriad of environments. Although this may provide a general solution to a specific problem, these generic applications lack many of the key features that are needed to meet the unique requirements of your business.

Custom software developed by Maxiom Technology incorporates every unique feature necessary to address your specific business needs. Our experience in software design and development makes our customized applications extremely cost effective, while providing an enhanced information management process specific to your business.

Our development process begins with an in-depth analysis of your business. We take the time to understand the operation, the products or services, and your business philosophy. Then, together with you, our client, we pinpoint specific needs and conceptualize a custom solution. Once our proposal is presented to you and accepted, we begin developing a functional application prototype that demonstrates how the customized software solution will look and run. Once the prototype has been fine-tuned and fully tested, the customized application is implemented.

Full Life-Cycel Application Development

UI/UX Design

Software Architecture

Enterprise Application Integration

Testing and Quality Assurance

Systems Integrations

DevOps / Release Management

Agile or Waterfall Project Management

Project Staffing

Cloud Apps and APIs

SaaS Application Integration

Cloud Infrastructure Design

Cloud Hosting Management

Multi-tentant Cloud

Legacy App Migration Strategy

Elastic Computing

On-Demand Provisioning and Self-Service

Auto Scaling, Sharding and Partitioning

Microsoft Azure Cloud Experts

Amazon Cloud Experts

Office 365

Google Apps

Our team has unparalleled experience developing cloud solutions and strategies to maximize the benefit of cloud/PaaS/IaaS/SaaS implementations.  We offer business strategy consulting services to invigorate your marketing strategy and IT infrastructure to ensure your organization thrives in the cloud.

Harnessing the value of the cloud requires architecture and engineering that take advantage of the unique values the cloud can offer.  We get into the details of how your applications work, what your needs are, what experience your customers need, and what your competitive landscape is.

Maxiom Technology brings recognized thought-leadership with Microsoft technology.  We help you have the right cloud infrastructure and architecture for your needs today and tomorrow.  We ensure that you make the right investments at the right time, and avoid common (and costly) mistakes.  Our consultative sessions will accelerate your business and align your stakeholders to deploying a profit-maximizing cloud-enabled IT platform.

Maximizing the value of an on-demand IT architecture requires a fundamentally different approach to marketing and product development.  Too often, migrating to the cloud is considered to be an exclusively IT consideration.  Selling tomorrow’s solutions with yesterday’s tactics doesn’t work.  Our consulting services help you unlock the power of cutting edge IT-enabled marketing solutions.

Mobile App Development

We’ve been at the forefront of mobile development right from the start, building both responsive web and native mobile apps.

2012 has seen a roughly 130% increase in mobile-driven sales. Based on industry and expert analysis of Black Friday sales compared with 2011, purchases made with mobile devices took a much bigger bite of the overall sales pie. It is clear that businesses need a mobile strategy, and the time to implement one is now. For a personalized mobility strategy, share your goals and objectives with our mobile development team today.

Practically everything and everyone is connected and your customers depend on you to be everywhere they are. Maxiom Technolgoy has been at the forefront of mobile app technology and development since it all started. In fact, we’ve been building state-of-the-art, custom mobile solutions before the “apps” era.

Native Application Development (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

Cross Platform Responsive Apps


Enterprise Application Integration

UI/UX Design

API & SDK Development

DevOps / Release Management

Strategy & Product Management


Enterprise Application Development & Support

Enterprise Back-Office

e-Business / e-Commerce

Enterprise Analytics

Personify (APIs, e-Business, Back-Office)

Personify DotNetNuke web modules

Personify Application and Database Designer

Single-Sign On and Identity Management

Business Systems integrations and consulting

IT and software development outsourcing

Technology and Management consulting

ERP, CRM Consulting, Development & Integration

CMS Development & Integration

Support & Maintenance

Maxiom Technology’s team of enterprise solutions development professionals build customized software designed to meet your business goals and processes.

Our enterprise services are designed around providing you with the highest quality with less of your time and effort. Our team of experienced enterprise solutions and software professionals deliver customized solutions tailored to the way you do business.

We are nimble and agile. When you have a problem and need assistance you will talk directly to a developer, not a project manager. We never have more than 2 resources on routine calls. Some service providers turn a simple conference call into an all-hands meeting where everyone is billable. With Maxiom Technology you won’t get sticker shock.

As today’s leader in ERP software consulting and the software company of choice for professional societies, Maxiom Technology specializes in delivering efficient, effective solutions fulfilling their technical needs. Our staff are experts in Association Management Software. During our combined 50 years of experience, we have served the most dynamic and complex organizations in the world.

We are Microsoft MVP’s, and we know the Microsoft technology stack inside  and out. Being Microsoft MVP’s means unlimited and unrestricted access to Microsoft’s future developments and R&D which gives us an amazing wealth of information and competitive edge when it comes to recommending the best solution to your everyday business problems.

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